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Whether looking for a DIY-tutorial on installing a new light fixture, the latest on modern furniture trends or some visual eye-candy for design inspiration, a knowledgeable blogger has it covered somewhere. We've scoured the web to compile our view of the most influential blogs in the space. Sit back, relax, and let us know what you think! Bloggers: Click here to post the recognition badge on your site.

Despite its small staff, Freshome packs a big punch. As a leader in architecture and design blogs, Freshome brings the best products in the industry straight to your desktop via unique articles and photos. Freshome also has an active social network with nearly 300,000 Facebook fans and over 36,000 Twitter followers.
Making your home look effortlessly chic takes a little elbow grease. For Kate, the face behind Centsational Girl, that's part of the fun. As a self-proclaimed DIY addict, Kate is on the eternal quest to make her home "fabulous for less," her personal motto. Centsational Girl chronicles this mission and provides infinite, budget-friendly tips for interior decorating, home improvement and more.
The Decorating Diva is one of the premiere design blogs on the Web. Not only does this blog feature the latest and greatest in modern design and decor, but it also features top interviews from industry leaders and market reports. Run by Carmen Maria Natschke-a software designer turned design blogger-The Decorating Diva features the right blend of eye candy and quality content.
If you are a fan of Mad Men and envy the furniture in Don Draper's office, you'll love Mid-Century Modernist. The blog, Mid-Century Modernist, focuses on the same era as this popular TV show: the mid-century modernist movement. The golden years, from 1945 to 1970, capture the perfect balance of utility and aesthetics in modern furniture, design and decor. Check out this dedicated blog for an appropriate tribute to this iconic era.
Love modern interior design? Enjoy the challenge of DIY? Redecorating on a budget? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, head over to The Brick House, your one-stop destination for all things wonderful. Morgan, of The Brick House, blogs her personal frugal redecorating adventures complete with pictures of her earthy, mid-century pad. Take a look at her blog and you are guaranteed to walk away inspired with your next funky DIY or decor project.
As one of the most popular online furniture magazines on the Web, Dwell recognizes the realness behind home design and decor. Forget the meticulously orchestrated homes photographed in other design magazines; Dwell offers real homes for the real person. Their blog section features posts from dozens of contributors for unique perspectives on all things related to home design.
MoCoLoco's design-savvy editor and publisher, Harry Wakefield, is crazy for modern contemporary design. This Web magazine features anything and everything related to modern contemporary design, from home furnishings, wall coverings, lighting, interior design, etc. There is certainly no shortage of viewing material! MoCoLoco also has a fabulous section called MOCO MR, the essential guidebook for the modern man.
When your blog is reviewed by the New York Times, you know you've made it. The Times hailed Design*Sponge as the "Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials"-a more than appropriate description. Founded by Grace Bonney, this blog features a wide variety of topics primarily focusing on design but also spanning fashion, lifestyle and entertaining. What sets Design*Sponge apart from other blogs is its social commitment through the Design*Sponge Scholarship which supports up-and-coming design students.
Apartment living isn't always the ideal situation-cramped quarters, an absentee landlord, the downstairs neighbor with an affinity for loud 90s grunge music. But the blog, Apartment Therapy, shows that you can make your apartment into a home despite obstacles. With sections on decorating for small spaces or budget living, Apartment Therapy is chock full of ideas. The blog also features studio, apartment and house tours from actual readers for relatable and realistic inspiration.
Decor8 has it all-from sectional sofas to stationary to wallpaper and more-this blog captures everything pertinent to the design world. Curated by Holly Becker, decor8 began in 2006 long before design blogs were common and has now become one of the go-to blogs in its industry. Becker, a published author and interior design consultant, shares her expertise and inspires the masses through decor8. Everyday, decor8 has something new and inspiring!
One of the best things about WebUranist is the blog's commitment to quality over quantity. Far too often, blogs publish fluff just for the sake of posting. Once daily, WebUrbanist features the best in architecture, design, and art from a global perspective. WebUrbanist is a visual treat for anyone who loves unique treasures of the world.
It's best to drink a glass of milk everyday-Design Milk that is! Founded and run by Jaime Derringer, Design Milk is an online magazine that promotes the latest in interior design, architecture, modern furniture, fashion and more. Design Milk has rich editorial content and has been featured in leading publications such as the Los Angeles Times. And if you love Design Milk and happen to be a dog lover as well, check out their sister site, Dog Milk, which is equally wonderful and addictive.
How did architects and interior designers keep up with trends before the Internet? Contemporist is a blog that makes it easier than ever to find new products and say in tuned with the world of contemporary design. In today's digital age, Contemporist informs its readers of the latest trends instantaneously, making is one of the leading sources for modern design news.
We all dream of that day when we break free and get a place of our own. But quickly, reality sets in and that place of your own is a cramped, run-down, 350-square-foot studio apartment. But never fear-the blog Tiny Ass Apartment provides realistic, budget-friendly inspiration for those living in less spacious dwellings. Check out Tiny Ass Apartment (TAA for short) from a design lover who doesn't let space hold her back. After reading TAA you will fully embrace the less-is-more mentality!
Furniture Fashion keeps it simple and lets the pictures do most of the talking. Furniture Fashion-a leading design and furniture blog-provides inspiration on all types of decor. From modern to vintage, Furniture Fashion features the most unique pieces on the Web for every room of the house. Furniture Fashion has it all-whether you are looking for the best modern furniture or a contemporary bathtub, this blog is an inspiration hub.
Among home and decor blogs, the main purpose is to provide inspiration to its readers. Home-Designing achieves just that. With stunning pictures for every room in the house, Home-Designing provides a wealth of visual eye candy for contemporary design enthusiasts. From chic living rooms with modern sectional to funky, vintage kitchens, Home-Designing is updated daily, so there is never a shortage in new design ideas!
When decorating on a budget, there's nothing more gratifying than scoring an amazing deal. Sarah, the Thrift Decor Chick herself, agrees and proves that anyone can have a nice and stylish home for little money. Whether she is making a DIY knock-off of modern furniture from the hottest designer or trying a new recipe, there is always a fresh idea or project at Thrifty Decor Chick.
One Project Closer is a collaborative blog run by two married couples who follow professional remodelers documenting their projects step-by-step. The quartet also shares their own personal DIY stories, product reviews and coupons for major home improvement stores. One Project Closer is a great resource and source of inspiration for building your dream home.
The Style Files-based in The Netherlands-is the daily style and decor blog of Danielle de Lange. However, this blog goes beyond her personal likes and musings and finds style inspiration from all corners of the world. Her blog features beautiful homes from exotics locations such as Ibiza, Spain or Tangier, Morocco-places that are so picturesque readers often request to book these dwellings for their next summer holiday!
Heidi, of Budget Wise Home, decorates her house with a few simple philosophies: DIY for less and never pay full price for anything over $30. Budget Wise Home is chock full of little tips and tricks to making your home beautiful for less. Her step-by-step instructions make it simple for even the most domestically challenged to be a DIY, money-saving pro!
Founded by a group of friends with remarkably similar design taste, Remodelista is about appreciating interiors. Remodelista invites everyone from design connoisseurs and to the decorating challenged to revel in their findings. From the latest news in design and architecture to product reviews to DIY projects, Remodelista has home decorating ideas for anyone and everyone.
Casa Sugar, a facet of POPSUGAR, is the central hub for all things home and decor. Whether you are looking for some visual inspiration, decorating tips or a DIY tutorial for you next home improvement project, Casa Sugar is the place to go. Additionally, Casa Sugar, which caters to women in their 20s and 30s, is stocked with an abundance of ideas for wedding planning, as well as articles on pop culture and celebrities.
3rings is the editorial-based design blog with Designer Pages, one of the leading social media assets in the architecture and design arena. Since 2008, 3rings has been publishing the latest trends in the industry covering everything from lighting to wallpaper to green design. 3rings is filled with unique design pieces and valuable insights from established and knowledgeable industry experts.
Start by Tina Roth Eisenberg in 2005 as her personal visual archive, swissmiss is now a leading, high-traffic design blog. Channeling her Swiss roots, Tina is a designer based in NYC and believer in elegant designs that are also crisp and clean, as evident through her blog. Swissmiss features a hodgepodge of information ranging from interior design and architecture to the latest in social media, but the variety works to the blog's advantage and is never devoid of fresh, engaging content.
Part of the Huffington Post network, Stylist At Home is a one-stop blog for the best home decor and lifestyle content. Covering everything from outdoor entertaining to DIY home improvement to celebrity living, Stylist At Home is a wealth of ideas and inspiration for any home and any budget. Check out Stylist At Home and within minutes you will have a list of fresh decorating ideas for your place.
It's hard to believe that the blog, SF Girl by Bay, features the home of a real person. Her aesthetic, as captured in her tagline: "Bohemian Modern Style from a San Francisco Girl," is executed flawlessly in both her home and blog. SF Girl by Bay is one of the most influential design blogs and has been lauded with praise from leading publications, such as Lucky magainze and Telegraph U.K. Take a look at SF Girl by Bay and be mystified!
They say it best themselves: "Curbly brings out the best in your home." This Web community focuses on designing a beautiful home that reflects your personality. Authored by leading design pros and bloggers, Curbly has a wide array of how-tos, conveniently organized by type of project, budget and more. Additionally, Curbly has resources on design inspiration, makeovers and tips-literally anything you could ever need or imagine when decorating your home.
Furniture Today is the voice of the furniture industry. A modernized, online newspaper, Furniture Today provides up-to-date information on the furniture industry for consumers and professionals alike. Furniture Today is the eyes and ears of todays' modern furniture market, covering nearly every relevant topic imaginable, from bedding to rugs to fabrics. Like an old-fashioned newspaper, Furniture Today is complete with classifieds and obituaries.
Metropolis, the magazine of architecture and design, has been one of the most prominent sources of information in the industry since its debut in 1981. The website for the magazine is full of pertinent A&D content, but also features a blog, Point of View, for unique online material. Like the Metropolis magazine, the Point of View blog features a vast array of equally high-brow editorial.
The Nester, a blog run by a design-savvy women who refers to herself as "The Nester," revolves around the philosophy, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." The Nester herself takes this motto and decorates her home accordingly and then passes her wisdom on to her readers. Her blog serves as inspiration to all who seek home beautification and yearn to find their personal design aesthetic.
Redecorating? Going for that ultra-modern vibe? Check out Interior Arcade for inspiration! Whether you're looking for the right modern dining set or inspiration for a minimalist home or ideas for revamping your bathroom, Interior Arcade has it all. Frequently updated, Interior Arcade never has a shortage of inspiration or ideas!
Home Workshop is different than other design blogs. Run by Kathy Barlow, a self-proclaimed design junkie, Home Workshop is a community for other junkies to come together and test each other's with various design challenges. Once challenges are complete-after 4 to 8 weeks-pictures will be posted from participating readers. Kathy also posts design content, including trends, colors, furniture and more.
The Designer Pad, run by Eduardo, a fashion designer turned interior designer, uses this blog as his outlet to share his inspiration, thoughts and creative processes. The Designer Pad reflects Eduardo's personal style-"modern, somewhat minimalist with clean lines." This blog is filled with beautiful images of chic, modern apartments and products, as well as design insights from Eduardo.
With over 10,000 unique articles and 60,000 pictures and ideas, you shouldn't have any problem finding design inspiration on This blog features a wealth of design tips, furniture ideas, clever DIY projects and the latest news in the design industry. With over 26,000 Facebook fans, Homedit has proven itself to be a vital and reliable design resource.
In one quick, concise sentence, here's what PadStyle is about: "PadStyle is a decor blog with posts on stylish furnishings for your home." Simply stated, PadStyle offers tips on how to transform your home with the right furniture. Whether you live in a loft, apartment or house, PadStyle provides relevant how-to guides for anyone interested in beautifying their living space through modern furniture and contemporary design.
To quote blog author Melissa Michaels, "When life inspires our home, our home inspires life." Her blog serves as inspiration to many with simple DIY projects and her interior design insight. The Inspired Room has been celebrated in leading publications and media, such as, Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes & Gardens-a testament to its influence in the interior design blogosphere.
SAS Interiors operates around three overarching principles-simple, affordable and stylish. This blog features a wealth of design resources from decorating tips, to DIY projects, to interior design inspiration. Written by NY-based interior designer, Jenna, SAS Interiors is vital for anyone looking for a high-quality, insightful design blog. And although written by a professional, SAS Interiors is a great blog for the layman with achievable and budget-friendly tips and projects.
When looking at paint swatches in your local home improvement stores, it's nearly impossible to picture how a color will look in your house. Rather than imagining, and thus stressing over your paint choice, stop by the blog Favorite Paint Colors. Favorite Paint Colors-as the title states-is a compilation of the author's favorite colors of paint. Categorized by room and color, Favorite Paint Colors helps to take the stress out of redecorating and painting.
Inhabitat is more than your everyday, run-of-the-mill design weblog. Inhabitat is not only a blog, but it's a community dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable design. Focusing on the latest trends, products, news and technology within the architecture and design space, Inhabitat provides high-brow, engaging editorial with a dedicated purpose.
The team at Better Living Through Design-or BLTD-scours the Web for the most innovative and unique design products. When looking for that must-have gadget or a gift for that friend who has everything, BLTD is the place to go. BLTD is not a retailer; they simply do all the hard work and gather the coolest products from all corners of the Internet.
Blogs are often born out of passion, and Remodelaholic is a prime example of that. As the title suggests, Remodelaholic is about by a woman and her husband, Cassity and Justin, who are passionate-or addicted-to remodeling and DIY projects. Whether you are looking for your next home improvement project or to live vicariously through another design junkie, Remodelaholic features their personal projects, as well as design inspiration.
Who said you have to be an interior designer or professional decorator to know what you're talking about? COCOCOZY-run by a LA-based woman who goes by the penname Coco-shares her impeccable design taste with her viewers. Her style is fresh, streamlined, and a mix of contemporary and vintage. Combined, these elements create a unique aesthetic all her own. Check out COCOCOZY for her one-of-a-kind style!
ChicTip, a daily design blog, is an online space for likeminded design lovers to convene, share tips and ideas, and answer each other's questions. ChicTip is a two-way street; the editors, Keren and Michelle, provide current interior design, architecture and decorating content, while readers provide questions and feedback. Published by design professionals, ChicTip is reliable and engaging resource for amateurs and experts alike.
Every city has its own unique vibe and flavor; Boston is no different. Since 2006, DesignBoston has served as resource for Bostonians to discover all the city has to offer in the design arena. DesignBoston covers everything from design-related events, local players in the industry and influential spaces. While there are hundreds of blogs dedicated to design in hubs like New York and San Francisco, this blog fills the void and covers all things design in Boston.
Dornob is all about taking design to the next level and advancing form and functionality. This blog places an emphasis on green design via creative reuse, sustainability and more. Dornob-a play on the word door knob-"opens doors to new design ideas daily." With over a million unique visitors per month, doorknob proves to be a major influencer in the contemporary design.
Material Girls-a collaborative design blog-is managed by five design professionals located throughout the country. From coast to coast, these women represent five major U.S. cities, and each brings a unique perspective and voice to the table as different as their respective cities. The Material Girls blog represents varied tastes, but comes together as a cohesive, streamlined design blog.
Make no bones about it-Good Bones, Great Pieces is one of the best design blogs on the Web. Mother-daughter founders, Suzanne McGrath and Lauren McGrath, are both accomplished designers (resumes include stints at Martha Stewart Living and Teen Vogue), and their blog showcases their impressive talents. The design duo is also published authors, recently releasing a home decor and interior design book in May 2012 under the same name.
While DIY design blogs are a dime a dozen, Addicted2Decorating stands out among all others. Kristi, a self-employed interior design-turned-blogger, posts affordable and beautiful DIY projects (that are actually doable for the layman), as well as decorating tips by room and a super helpful section dedicated to decorating Q-and-A. Addicted2Decorating (or A2D for short) isn't just a major player in the blogosphere, but her design inspiration and DIY projects have taken Pinterest by storm.
From million-dollar design inspiration to DIY cleaning tips, Decoist covers a full range of architecture and interior design content. Decoist features a section dedicated to lavish dream homes (hey, it's ok to dream big!), but also has a wealth of content for the real person. On top of the latest design trends, Decoist offers the latest home design tips for any living situation.
The Design File features unique and creative design ideas and inspiration with a local focus. Created by Leslie Weidenbener, The Design File brings the best in interior decorating and design from Indianapolis and central Indiana to all. Her blog may be geographically tailored, but her posts are universal and relevant to anyone regardless of location. Check it out-Leslie knows her stuff!
Using the popularity and functionality of YouTube, Design2Share was created to share video content specifically geared toward the design and architecture space. Design2Share, started in 2006, has an extensive library of online videos, featuring design Q-and-A, dos and don'ts of interior design and more. Design2Share also had non-video content for equally insightful design tips.
Interior design and architecture is a vast industry, and it can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest trends. Fortunately, we live in the Information Age where dedicated, design-savvy individuals scour the Web for us and create great design resources, like Home Design Find. Home Design Find-or HDF for short-features design inspiration, notable design finds from across the globe, information on buying furniture and much more.
Packaging in a key part of retail marketing. Similarly, home staging is crucial when selling a property. Moving Mountains Design-a LA home staging and interior design company-has a great blog on the ins and outs of home staging. Home staging provides warmth and comfort in a home that's for sale. Their blog provides information and examples on how to give a home that magazine photo look.
When it comes to minimalist design, less is more. Minimalisti brings readers the latest trends and coolest finds in contemporary furniture, design and decor. At Minimalisti, the editors believe modern design has the capability to change and improve lives, and this online magazine serves as platform for such. Take a look at Minimalisti for inspiring images and the most up-to-date news in contemporary furniture, design and architecture.
Perfectly Imperfect aptly showcases the author's passion: creating a beautiful home. Her blog, beautiful within itself, captures her decorating projects, passion for painting and general life adventures. But a beautiful doesn't mean a perfect home-Perfectly Imperfect embraces the flaws and encourages a home to organically develop its own unique look and feel. Take some inspiration from Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect and beautify your home!
In her own words, Manuela, blogger of A Cultivate Nest, loves "a cozy home with lots of personality." Her personal aesthetic and love for cottage-style living is bursting off every page of the site. A Cultivated Nest is filled with DIY projects, gardening tips and redecorating all on a budget. This blog is a haven for anyone else who loves the simple joys of life!
Living With Lindsay is all about "creating vibrant, livable spaces." Her blog, flanked with a bright zigzag header, is all about transforming her home (and yours) with pops of color. From paint jobs to "glue gun goodies" to DIY sewing projects, Living With Lindsay is never a dull moment!
In the Big Apple, rent is high and space is limited. But limited space does not automatically affect the quality of life and beauty in one's apartment. Design savvy blogger Daniel lives happily in a cozy Brooklyn apartment and has transformed his cramped quarters into perfection through DIY projects and remodeling. Whether you are an apartment dweller or otherwise, Manhattan Nest is an inspirational design blog for all.
Lauren and Kyle Zerbey, a match made in architecture school, married and did what any design couple would do: bought a crappy house and fixed it up. Then came their blog, Chezerbey, which chronicles their journey in DIY home renovation and life in general. While their blog started as a way for friends and family keep track of their progress, their journey is alluring and insightful for complete strangers.
Beth, author of Home Stories A to Z, is straightforward with her blog's mission: "A2Z inspires, teaches, and encourages women to authentically create beauty in the home." Beth shares her stories, DIY projects and crafts in an easily accessible Project Gallery. Once a week she hosts Tutorials & Tips Tuesdays, a link party dedicated to sharing ideas and suggestions from other blogs and across the Web.
A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress has a little of everything for everyone. Much of the blog revolves around the renovation of a Brooklyn limestone (hence the name), but also includes helpful design tips, clever DIY home projects, entertaining ideas and a global travel log. Featured on leading publications and media including Apartment Therapy, Women's Day and The Nate Berkus Show, A Brooklyn Limestone is a major player in the blogosphere.
Looking for the newest and most innovative design product or piece of modern furniture? Check out DESIGNSPOTTER for the most unique, one-of-a-kind products on the Web! Filled with an abundance of products and projects uploaded directly from the designer, DESIGNSPOTTER serves as a platform for designers to create buzz about their work among media, bloggers and other design savvy folks.
Design to Inspire is run by two women from across the globe, a Canadian and an Australian. But what's most inspiring is that these interior design fiends have never met in person, yet create a cohesive, content-rich design blog. Design to Inspire features innovative home design from all around the World and best yet, a recurring and adorable section dedicated to pet on furniture.
With blog posts easily navigable by room, mydeco makes finding the perfect project or design ideas super simple. The blog also features mydecoTV with engaging and informative videos, as well as an interview section from leading design experts. With over 15,000 Facebook fans, mydeco has proven its clout in the design arena.
Ana White isn't your average DIY blogger. An expert furniture maker and Alaska-based homemaker, Ana provides project plans and tutorials for making contemporary, wooden furniture and other home design projects. With millions of impression per month, her blog also serves as the most trusted resource specifically dedicated toward women building their own modern furniture. Considering she and her husband built their home from the ground up, her blog serves as a viable and trusted resource.
As a stay-at-home mother of five, Melissa, the blogger behind 320 Sycamore, certainly has her hands full, yet she still finds time to remodel, reorganize her home and publish a blog about her adventures-impressive! 320 Sycamore features illustrative photographs and informative tutorials on all projects for successful home beautification.
Luxxury Livving is a design blog featuring the latest trends and newest products. While the author gravitates toward modern furniture and contemporary design, the blog features all facets of design for a blended, all-encompassing scope of the industry. With both videos and editorial content, Luxxury Livving is an engaging and informative design blog.
Trendir is the go-to source for all things related to modern contemporary decor. At Trendir, you can view the latest contemporary furniture online or check out ideas for modern design. The blog isn't limited to just interior design; Trendir has a section devoted to entertaining and dining, as well as appliances.
At first glance, the blog Shelterness is warm and inviting-just like a home should be. Shelterness covers a little bit of everything so your home can achieve that feel: cute and crafty DIY projects, before and after inspiration, and modern furniture ideas. Shelterness is the perfect blog for the average person looking to improve their living space within their means.
LateMag keeps its readers apprised on the latest trends, music, movies and style. The section LateMag Breathe Modern is devoted to modern furniture, design and decor. Featuring the most unique products, LateMag is the one-stop blog for all things ultra-modern. If you're interested in a modern lifestyle-not just contemporary design-LateMag has it all.
It can be expensive to buy modern furniture and maintain an up-to-date contemporary vibe in your home. Fortunately, blogs like Grassroots Modern promote contemporary furniture and decor at realistic and affordable prices. To achieve this goal, Grassroots Modern serves as a platform to connect designers with the masses. Grassroots Modern is essential for the frugal modern design enthusiast.
If design blogs had a '96 Dream Team, it would be the contributors of My Colortopia. The Colortopia team, your personal paint consultants, consists of leading bloggers from across the Web-Many already have been featured on this list! Whether you need to paint your new, outdoor patio set or interested in revamping your powder room, the experts at My Colortopia can provide much needed advice!
The great thing about Six Different Ways (6DW for short) is its commitment to variety. Much like the title implies, the blog provides design inspiration not one, but six different ways. 6DW focuses on modern furniture, lighting and design, as well as home life, entertaining and DIY projects. Unlike the majority of contemporary furniture and design blogs, Six Different Ways features realistic inspiration for the every home.
74 is a high-end blog featuring the latest industry trends from the contemporary design field. Whether you are a professional interior designer or you're just a homeowner with great taste, has loads of inspiration, products and editorial. is central place for design fiends everywhere to come together, share ideas and gush over the latest contemporary trends.
A common gripe about interior design is the inflated price tags. The good people behind the blog Arthur & Martha recognize that not everyone can afford exorbitant costs, but it's still possible to decorate a home for less. Arthur & Martha features unique home decor products from across the Web that are within a realistic budget-a great resource for anyone interested in beautifying their home.
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