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Four Easy Spring Design Tips to Transform Your Home on a Budget

As another cold, dreary winter draws to a close, spring is more welcomed than ever! The outdoors begin to warm and everything becomes more vibrant and fresh. So why not bring the spring vibes indoors? DefySupply has four easy, budget-friendly tips for updating your home to match the season:

  1. Feature spring colors. Spring colors can instantly wake up your home after even the darkest winters with minimal effort. When choosing a palate, consider colors that reflect the season. Beachy, coastal hues—think sandy yellow and seafoam green—are popular right now, as well as bright, vibrant hues like magenta, turquoise or coral. Integrate these colors in your home accessories, furniture and walls. Nothing says spring like this citrus green fabric sectional!
  2. Focus on one room. If your spring renovations require furniture purchases or other major expenses, stick to one or two rooms, so you and your budget don’t get carried away. Focus on a central room like the living room or kitchen to make the most impact. To stretch your dollars, buy furniture online for the best deals on sectional sofas, dining sets and other major furniture items.
  3. Think big, act small. Revamping your home doesn’t always require a massive overhaul. Freshen up some drab walls with a can of paint, makeover your black leather sofa with colorful, punchy throw pillows or add a funky backsplash in the kitchen. These simple fixes don’t require major time or money investment, but they are guaranteed to spring your home forward!
  4. Embrace the outside! Need more living space? There’s no need for construction or extravagant renovations. Ditch the flimsy, plastic chairs, and replace them with practical, affordable and comfortable patio furniture to create a desirable space for dining and entertaining. Don’t forget the steaks and cocktails!
  5. Whatever the scope of your spring design projects—a complete, floor-to-ceiling redo or a quick Saturday afternoon facelift—set a budget and stick to it. An empty pocketbook can mar even the most beautiful and well-intended renovations. But lastly, don’t forget to cap off your project with freshly cut flowers—after all, it’s spring!