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DefySupply’s Guide to Spring Cleaning: Furniture Edition

Love it or hate it, spring cleaning is one of those things that must get done. This may be an arduous undertaking but trust us—the end result is worth it! But while we clean the house top to bottom, some areas, like the furniture and décor, inevitably gets overlooked. Here are some oft-forgotten spring cleaning tips to keep your furniture looking fresh:

  • Take inventory. Taking out the trash—no matter how big or small—is a key part of spring cleaning. Now is the time to go around the house and see what furniture needs to be repaired or thrown out. Maybe some knobs fell off the nightstand from your bedroom set. Fix it! Perhaps that accent chair has been around a decade too long and doesn’t jive with your décor any more. Donate it! And maybe your office chair is just plain busted. Pitch it! Next, replace the pieces that have been retired; online furniture shopping makes it easy!

  • TLC for your sofa. Even sofas that experience minimal use—you know, that formal sofa set that has the sole purpose of looking pretty— need occasional cleaning. Dust and dirt can settle on the surface, so a simple vacuuming on the surface and under the pillows will do the trick. For that everyday sofa, use a gentle cleaning solution on your microfiber or fabric sofas. Always be sure to test an inconspicuous area to ensure the fabric won’t bleed.

  • Clean those miscellaneous items. Once you’ve tackled the living room furniture, look around at the accessories: drapes, area rugs, pillow covers, etc. Wash the drapes by hand or machine, depending on fabric, and air dry. If in doubt, take them to the dry cleaner. Steam clean any area rugs and wash any removable pillow covers. Don’t ignore the little things—they can make a big difference in the room!

  • Move outdoors. Bring your patio furniture out of storage and set it up outdoor. Clean it up and examine it for any damage. Damaged beyond repair? Buy some patio furniture early in the season before prices go up and selection goes down. Once that is complete, buy some steaks and fire up the grill—it’s spring!