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DefySupply Presents: The Top Eight Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Home

There are two types of people when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift-giving: The ones who plan months in advance and the ones who do everything at the last minute. For the latter, we have eight ideas for home-related Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one.

  1. His and her pillowcases. Sure, it may sound corny, but his and her pillowcases are cute, especially for newlyweds or couples sharing their first apartment. These fun accents add a touch of whimsy to the bedroom!
  2. A sexy sectional sofa. Some women may prefer serious jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Others may be into serious furniture. A lush leather sectional or a fabric sofa set will wow any woman (or fellow!) who is crazy about her home. DefySupply has a wide selection of premium discount furniture, which is way classier than discount jewelry.
  3. Anything silk. Of course there are silk unmentionables, but what about some serious silk linens? Yes, please!
  4. Anything involving wine. This is open for interpretation but with one caveat: No cheap boxed wine! Valentine’s Day is a special occasion worthy of special libations. There are lots of great wines on the market with reasonable price tags.
  5. Personalized DIY coffee mugs. Pinterest is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of ideas for DIY personalized coffee mugs. Perfect for any coffee lover! Check out the DefySupply Pinterest for our favorites.
  6. Patio furniture. It might not sound so sexy off the bat, but think ahead to those balmy nights spending quality time outdoors with a drink in hand. DefySupply suggests patio furniture because prices and selection are the best during the off season.
  7. Sensual bedroom furniture. Give your bedroom an upgrade with some modern bedroom furniture! You’ll use it every night, so consider it the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. Home-cooked food. Everyone can make reservations, but not everyone can make a five-star meal at home. After all, they say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And contrary to popular belief, ladies love food too! Check out the for V-Day dinner ideas.
  9. A clever love note. DIY is great for Valentine’s Day on a budget. Use an old keyboard to spell out a love note for a thoughtful piece of wall art. Find the instructions here.
  10. Have any other ideas for home-related Valentine’s Day gifts? Tweet us at @defysupply!