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50 Shades of Furniture: The DefySupply Color Guide

Some people tend to shy away from boldly colored furniture. Why?! Incorporating color—when done correctly—can brighten a room, energize tired spaces and even modify the perceived temperature or mood of the room. When buying furniture with color, follow these simple rules to create a streamlined space rather than a mismatched mess.

Look in your Closet for Inspiration

Colors are infinite in both furniture and nature (many more than 50 shades!), so it can be difficult to settle on just one. If you’re having trouble deciding or just need inspiration, examine your wardrobe. What colors do you gravitate toward? Whatever your preference, select colors that fit your personality and you won’t grow tired of in a month. Chances are, you’ve already done that when buying clothes!

Consider the Mood

Colors can promote a specific mood when utilized correctly. Take the bedroom, for example. Shades of green can encourage relaxation, while deep reds can create a romantic feel. Be careful though; the wrong shade, like lime green or fire-engine red, may not convey the desired mood. Consider incorporating these colors in a bed frame or other bedroom furniture, such as nightstands or dressers.

Customize Furniture Online

Not seeing what you like in the showroom? Many online furniture stores, including DefySupply, offer customizable designs. With a wide range of colors, particularly for sectionals and sofas, made-to-order furniture makes it possible to find that perfect shade.

Choose Furniture Before Paint

Whether it’s a cheerful green sectional or a vibrant blue dining set, it’s important to select furniture before paint. Furniture has qualities and features beyond its hue, which may make it difficult to match to the previously selected paint.

Create a Theme

A color theme helps maintain a cohesive feel. As a rule of thumb, stick to two main colors and an accent hue to avoid chaos. Too many complimentary tones can be boring, so DefySupply design experts recommend two contrasting colors with a neutral accent. Whatever color scheme you choose, select colors that easily can mix and match with furniture and accessories.