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DefySupply Identifies 2013 Modern Furniture Trends in Newly Released Infographic

Online furniture store features affordable trends and tips for decorating in the New Year.

DefySupply is pleased to announce the release of a recently published infographic featuring a few of the latest design trends for winter 2013. As the New Year approaches, many people recognize this as a time to make changes in their lives and surroundings, including revamping home décor, the genesis for the newly released graphic.

This original infographic, released today, outlines several stylish ways to enhance a home, even on a tight budget. For many, saving money is a top New Year’s resolution, so this infographic includes tips to help maintain the budget without compromising style. Featured tips include the following:

  • Feature stylish seating. Accent chairs and sectional sofas—either leather or fabric sofas—are impactful pieces of living room furniture.
  • Utilize creative lighting. Whether it’s a decorative chandelier or elegant candles, lighting fixtures can dramatically influence the mood of a room.
  • Embrace resourcefulness. Through DIY or recycling, resourceful decorating and furnishing allows for a stylish home without breaking the bank.

“This infographic is a fun way to introduce the modern furniture trends for 2013,” says DefySupply CEO Brent Gensler. “These trends are attainable on a budget, even big-ticket living room furniture, like sectional sofas.”

The infographic, “2013 Winter Furniture and Decorating Trends,” is published on the DefySupply website. It can also be found on the DefySupply Pinterest channel, along with all other infographics produced by the online furniture store.

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