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How to Buy Wholesale Tables: A Furniture Buying Guide

Whether starting a new business or renovating an existing venue, wholesale furniture is a great way to save money and furnish a place. Businesses like restaurants, bars and ice creams shops need large quantities of dining chairs and tables, so wholesale tables and chairs are a popular option. Before investing in wholesale tables, there are few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a style of table. Wholesale tables come in hundreds of styles. When shopping for tables, consider the specific needs of your business. From pub tables to bistro tables, to dining tables and patio tables, wholesale tables are available in mass quantities for any establishment and purpose.
  • Measure the table and chairs. If buying wholesale tables and wholesale seating separately, make sure that the pieces will fit together properly. For example, if buying wholesale bar tables, purchase bar stools that are tall enough for the tables.
  • Consider wholesale dining sets. Dining sets bundle both chairs and tables for a guaranteed fit and match. Wholesale dining sets may be a more economical purchase. Compare the costs of wholesale table plus chairs versus wholesale dining sets for the best deal.
  • Know how many tables and chairs you’ll need. Count how many tables are needed for the specific space. Wholesale furniture often requires a minimum order number, so make sure that number isn’t excessive. If buying wholesale tables as part of a set, think about if you will need extra chairs, and if they are available in small amounts or only as part of wholesale seating orders.
  • Establish a budget. Like any facet of a business, furniture costs are part of the overall budget. Also factor in shipping costs, taxes and assembly labor.
  • Review warranties and return policies. Before finalizing the purchase, take a look at the manufacturer’s warranty, quality guarantees and return policies. This step only takes a few minutes and can save time and money in the rare event something goes awry.