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Five Tips for Buying Wholesale Seating: A Furniture Guide

Like family packs of toilet paper or jumbo boxes of cereal, buying in bulk can save money. The same goes for buying wholesale furniture. Wholesale furniture may not be prudent for the average household, but wholesale seating—such as wholesale restaurant chairs and wholesale bar stools—is a great option for businesses, especially in a tough economy.

Here are some tips for buying wholesale seating and saving money:

  1. Get a headcount. Consider how many wholesale restaurant chairs or bar stools you will need when purchasing seating. Take note of any minimum order requirements. Always order a few extras to account for large crowds and future replacements, but don’t over order. Otherwise, you may end up wasting money despite low prices and also run into storage issues.
  2. Set a budget. Like many purchases, consider your budget. Some styles of wholesale seating may be more expensive than others, so explore all options. Multiply the anticipated number of chairs by the price, and be sure to add in taxes and shipping fees for an accurate price total.
  3. Seek out extra promotions. It never hurts to ask for extra savings or current promotions! Likewise, many discount wholesale furniture retailers offer free shipping.
  4. Measure the chairs or bar stools. Make sure the seating, whether wholesale bar stools or restaurant chairs, fits the table or countertop comfortably. Taking time to properly measure the furniture can save time, money and headaches down the line. Need both table and chairs? Consider wholesale dining sets to ensure matching furniture that’s made for each other.
  5. Review the return policy and fine print. Be sure to know the company’s return policy, warranty and other fine print before purchasing wholesale seating. Just take a few moments to cover your bases and know what you’re agreeing to before ordering a large number of chairs for your business.