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The Complete Buying Guide to Dining Tables

Dining tables arenít just for eating; they are the centerpiece of the home. While a dining table plays a big role in any household, that doesnít mean this purchase has to make an equally sizeable impact in the pocketbook. An affordable, modern dining table provides the necessary functionality and aesthetics, and a reasonable price point allows for flexibility and versatility in future decorating.

Here are some tips for buying a modern dining table:

Dining Table Size, Shape and Capacity

Consider both the size of the dining room and how many people will be using this table. A bistro table looks great in a smaller kitchen, but may feel dwarfed in a larger area. For formal dining or family gatherings, an expandable dining table can accommodate larger crowds when necessary.

Also, consider the shape of various dining tables before buying. Different dining table shapes promote different atmospheres for socializing. Round dining tables are great for encouraging conversation, whereas long, rectangular dining tables are more formal.

Measure Before Buying

Never underestimate the importance of measuring. Carefully measuring the room can save time and headaches down the line. Make sure there is at least two to three feet on all sides of the dining table to allow ample room for walking and pulling out chairs. Also, if purchasing a dining table to go with existing dining chairs, measure to make sure that the chairs fit comfortably.

Furthermore, remember that not all dining tables are sized equally. Donít assume that all tables advertised as a four-person table fit four people. Take these guidelines into consideration when measuring and sizing a table:

Round dining table measurements:

  • Four people: 36" to 44" diameter
  • Four to six people: 44" to 54" diameter
  • Six to eight people: 54" to 72" diameter

Rectangle dining table measurements:

  • Four people: 36"W x 48"L
  • Four to six people: 36"W x 60"L
  • Six to eight people: 36"W x 78"L

Consider trends and evolving tastes

Certain dining room furniture can be expensive, which makes it difficult to redecorate as design tastes evolve through the years. Purchasing affordable, modern dining furniture makes it possible to enjoy contemporary, up-to-date styles now, and it also prevents consumers from being locked into a fixed style forever. A reasonably priced dining tables allows the look of the room to be updated down the line without compromising a buck.

Consider Dining Sets

Dining sets are a great option when doing a complete furniture overhaul or starting from scratch. With dining chairs and dining tables both included in one easy purchase, thereís no need to shop around at multiple vendors or worry about the furniture matching.