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Buying Guide: How to Buy Leisure and Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These items provide extra seating, as well as a friendly pop of color to the space. But like any piece of living room furniture, it’s important to do some research before purchasing an accent chair. Here are a few helpful tips:

Set a budget for accent chairs

Accent chairs are one of the most affordable pieces of furniture on the market. Purchasing an accent chair is a great way to update the decor and add functionality without breaking the bank. Still, like any other furniture purchase, set a budget. Consider whether this is an investment piece, or if it will be swapped out in a few years after a decorating renovation. Accent and leisure chairs are available at all price points, so it’s possible to find one within any budget.

Choose a material and style

Accent chairs come in a variety of materials and styles. From plush recliners to elegant slipper chairs to modern egg chairs, think about what style will suit your needs. Like sofa sets and sectionals, leather and microfiber are popular materials for accent chairs. Leather is durable and classic, whereas microfiber accent chairs are available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Fit the room

Measure the area where the new accent chair will sit, and be sure to take all features into consideration. If the accent chair reclines, make sure there’s enough room to accommodate the chair when it’s fully extended. Likewise, consider whether you need an ottoman and account for additional pieces. Accent chairs may add that much needed additional seating, but make sure that the chair doesn’t overcrowd existing living room furniture.

Match existing furniture and décor

Accent chairs and leisure chairs are an easy and affordable way to update the existing décor without refurnishing the room from scratch. An accent chair is a great way to bring out details of the room. Play off supporting colors in an area rug or window coverings. Accent chairs should complement and enhance the room’s decor—not compete or overwhelm the space.