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Everything to Know Before Buying Modern Patio Furniture

Furniture isn’t limited to the indoors. Modern patio furniture—from patio sets, chaise lounges and outdoor dining tables—is a great way to expand your living experience beyond the four walls of your home during warm weather. Like all other household furniture, patio furniture is an investment, so it’s important to do research before buying. Here are a few things to know before purchasing modern patio furniture:

Consider your environment

First, consider where you live geographically. Is it warm and sunny year round or does this location have four distinct seasons? If your plan to use your patio furniture year round, you’ll need durable pieces made to withstand the elements. And if storage is required during winter months, make sure the furniture is easy to move and store.

Also, think about your specific area. Is your patio in the full sun, requiring an umbrella? How large is the outdoor space? Small furniture may be overwhelmed by a big area and a small area may feel crowded with a large patio sofa set or dining set. Lastly, consider how many people will be using the furniture at a time.

Types of modern patio furniture

Just like living room furniture or bedroom furniture, modern patio furniture is available in many different styles and forms including the following:

Patio dining sets: Patio dining sets come with matching furniture pieces for easy coordination. Different types of patio sets are available for different use; patio sofa sets and sectionals are great for lounging around the pool, while patio dining sets are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Patio dining sets range from small bistro sets to large 11-piece sets.

Patio chairs: Patio chairs are an essential part of patio furniture. Keep in mind whether the patio chairs require cushions. Look for removable cushions with zippers for easy care and be prepared to store cushions inside when not in use to avoid fading.

Patio sofa sets: When it comes to modern patio furniture, coordinating rattan sofas are popular items for both outdoor and indoor use. Many patio sofa sets come with matching side tables making them a desirable and functional item. Like patio chairs, take the care of cushions into consideration before buying.

Patio chaise lounges: These lounge chairs are great for catching rays and relaxing by the pool. Consider your space before purchasing and look for features such as wheels, adjustable backs and removable cushions.

Choose appropriate materials for patio furniture

Various materials for modern patio furniture offer different benefits and looks. Here’s an overview of what to expect with common materials for patio sets, chairs and tables:

  • Wood: This natural material, including teak, is classic and versatile, but may fade in sunlight and require additional painting or staining to maintain the look.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a popular option for modern patio furniture, since it’s durable, lightweight and doesn’t rust.
  • Steel: Steel is stronger and more durable than aluminum. This is a comfortable option for patio furniture, but requires a protective finish to avoid rusting.
  • Rattan or wicker: Rattan is also durable, lightweight and goes well indoors. A rattan patio set is a great option for a sunroom or screened-in porch.
  • Plastic: Plastic patio furniture is inexpensive and easy to clean. Many types of patio chairs are stackable for easy storage.

Saving money on patio furniture

Most people are looking to buy new, modern patio furniture in early spring. However, if the budget is tight, end-of-season sales offer substantial savings after summer has passed. However, discount retailers, such as DefySupply, offer reduced prices year-round.

Also, when buying patio furniture, take note of the warranty. Make sure the warranty give you ample time to test out the furniture to ensure its durability. A 30-day warranty may not offer enough time to test out the pieces, but a one-year warranty provides test time through multiple seasons of use.