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The Complete Buying Guide to Sofas and Sofa Sets

When it comes to buying sofas and sofa sets, donít buy any old sofa. Sofa sets are a major purchase, so itís important to do your research to secure the best bang for your buck. This guide covers the important considerations, everything from style to price, when choosing a modern sofa set.

Options for sofas and sofa sets

Sofas and sofa sets offer more versatility than sectional sofas. Multiple, movable pieces can be arranged to fit tight spaces, and they come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. When shopping for sofas and sofa sets, first consider what size pieces you will need and what can fit in the specific room. Popular items included in a sofa set feature the follow items:

  • Sofas: A standard sofas is six to eight feet long and will fit two to three people.
  • Loveseats: These smaller sofas are five to six feet long and fit two people comfortably.
  • Accent chair: Some sofa sets include a matching accent chair.
  • Ottomans: These accessories act as a footrest but also help complete the look and feel of a room.

Choosing sofa material

Leather sofa sets and microfiber sofa sets are the most common options for sofa material. Both look great and come in a variety of colors, but leather and microfiber offer different features. Leather sofa sets never go out of style and are very durable. On the other hand, stain repellants can be applied to microfiber sofas sets to ward off stains from children and can be easily vacuumed if pet hair is a concern. For a beach look or outdoor use, a rattan patio sofa set may be a great choice for your dťcor.

Style features of sofas and sofa sets

Take each feature into consideration when choosing a sofa set. Think about how many cushions you want; modern sofa sets often feature one cushion, while more traditional sofas have three movable seats. The style of sofa arms also varies; straight arms are popular for contemporary sofa sets, whereas curved arms provide a more traditional look. Lastly, look at the legs and base. Modern and contemporary styles often feature straight metal or wood legs, while other sofas have a skirted base.

Evaluating sofa construction

Take note of the sofa frame. Most high-quality sofas are made from kiln-dried hardwood or metal, but a patio sofa set may feature rattan or wicker instead. Hardwood refers to woods like oak, maple or poplar. Inexpensive, less durable furniture may use pine, a softer wood, to save on cost.

Final thoughts on sofas and sofa sets

Before purchasing sofas and sofa sets, always set a budget based on your needs. Stay within your budget, but donít skimp on quality. Sofa sets are a major purchase and should last for years to come. Also, before making any purchase, measure the room and make sure the sofa can fit with adequate room to walk around the furniture. Thereís nothing worse than buying a sofa you love, only to discover it wonít fit in your living room!