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Sectional Sofas 101: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Sectional sofas are a major piece of living room furniture—we’re talking major style and major investment. Since sectional sofas influence the entire look and feel of a living room, it’s important to do your research to ensure a happy purchase. Here are a few tips to consider before settling on a sectional:

Sectional sofa basics

When shopping for modern sectional sofas, consider the basics. Think about how this sofa will be used. Is it part of a formal living room? Do you have young children or pets? Depending on how the sectional sofa will be used, different materials will hold up better than others. Leather sectionals are durable, easy to clean and timeless. A microfiber sectional sofa can be treated with stain-repellents. Fabrics like velvet or silk are harder to clean and less durable, but may be a viable option for a formal setting.

Sectional sofas: style and color

Modern sectional sofas come in a variety of colors and styles to match any décor. When choosing a style, consider whether you are decorating from scratch or selecting a sofa to fit into the existing décor. Starting anew will allow for more creativity and freedom. When integrating a sectional sofa into an already decorated and furnished room, take note of any limitations and how other components with work with the new piece. Think about whether you will need to repaint the walls or how current furniture will fit in the room.

When it comes to material, microfiber and leather are the most popular options. Microfiber sectional sofas come in a variety of colors and prints, while leather sectionals are a sexier and edgier. A boldly colored sectional can stand out as the centerpiece in minimalist, modern décor. Neutrals, like black and brown, may allow for more flexibility and additional decorations.

Measure, measure, measure

Don’t skip this important step! Be sure to measure the area where your sectional sofa will be placed (err on the side of caution and measure twice!). And don’t forget to account for any reclining features, chaises or ottomans. Once you decide on a specific style, outline the potential sofa in masking tape to help visualize the sectional in the room.

Set a budget

Like any purchase, set a realistic budget when shopping for sectional sofas. Modern sectional sofas may be more expensive than traditional sofa, but they tend to offer more seating, reducing the need for additional accent chairs or couches. It’s important to buy an affordable sectional, but don’t skimp on quality and craftsmanship. Above all, buy a sectional sofa that you’ll enjoy for the long haul.