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Modern Living Room Furniture: A Buying Guide

Shopping for modern living room furniture is an opportunity to let your personality shine through the latest décor and home furnishings. With many different styles, materials and features to choose from, decorating possibilities are endless. Still, with millions of options, this process can be intimidating, and unless you’re a seasoned pro, you may have difficulty finding a starting point. But fear not! Once you devise a plan, decorating a living room will be a blast. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing modern living room furniture:

Modern living room furniture basics

Before buying anything, consider the space you are working with. Is this a high-traffic, active room for socializing or is it a formal living room reserved for guests? How spacious (or cozy) is the living room? Also, think about what color palette will work best for this room. Keep in mind the colors that are already present in your home to establish a cohesive theme.

Sectional sofas and sofa sets

Seating is the biggest—and often most expensive—piece of living room furniture. For those reasons, it’s important to invest in a well-made item that will last for years and won’t go out of style tomorrow. Here are three main factors to keep in mind when buying a sofa:

  • Size. Sectional sofas are a great option for spacious rooms, whereas loveseats or sofa sets provide more versatility when arranging living room furniture.
  • Style. Consider formal versus casual. Certain features impact the style of a sofa, such as a one with exposed feet or skirt. The style of sofa arms (high, low, square, upholstered, etc.) and cushions (a one-pieced fixed cushions vs. loose cushions) vary among sofa and offer dramatically different looks. Color is also a major consideration when purchasing sectional sofas or sofa sets. Neutrals offer versatility, while a bright tone can make a statement. Having trouble deciding on a color or style? Take a look in your closet. What colors and styles do you gravitate towards when choosing an outfit? Surprisingly, you might find that your furniture style isn’t too different.
  • Material. It’s an age-old debate: leather or microfiber. This choice is often based on one’s specific lifestyle and style preferences. Leather is classic and very durable, but stain repellents can be applied to microfiber sofas if staining from pets or children is a concern.

Other important considerations to keep in mind are price and functionality. Be sure to set a budget when buying sofas and sofa sets, and don’t forget to add taxes and shipping to the final cost.

Coffee tables and end tables

Similar to sectional sofas and other couches, there are certain criteria to consider when purchasing a coffee table:

  • Size. Coffee tables should be in proportion to the rest of the furniture in the living room. For a classic rectangular table, choose one that is half the couch’s length (usually 44 to 48 inches) and about 22 to 30 inches wide. Oversized square coffee tables are popular, but make sure your space can accommodate the specific piece (always measure!). For small spaces, circular tables offer versatility. Regardless of shape, select a coffee table that is close to the same height as your sofa to create a cohesive, unified look.
  • Style. In addition to shape, coffee tables come in a variety of materials and styles. From glass to wood to marble, there are a variety of tables to match any modern living room décor. When purchasing a coffee table (and furniture in general), budget is concern for many. A cheap coffee table doesn’t have to sacrifice quality or style—even marble is a possibility when shopping at the right retailer. But when searching for a cheap coffee table, avoid the bargain particle board table. Select one that will hold up to long-term use.
  • Function. Also think about how this table will be used. Many coffee tables offer storage via drawers or shelving if you need extra space. If kids are present, durability and safety must be factored into the decision (avoid glass and sharp corners).

Accents and décor

Details are key when tying the living room together. Consider a colorful accent rug to offset a neutral sectional sofa. Accent rugs don’t have to cost a fortune and can elevate the look and feel of a room instantly. Similarly, throw pillows can provide pops of color for a low price. Also, be sure to incorporate organization into the living room to avoid clutter. An entertainment unit, shelving and hinged ottomans are great solutions.

Incorporating proper lighting is another area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Side lamps and floor lamps can supplement what’s already provided by ceiling fixtures. Lighting should be placed strategically; consider if you will be using the living room as a workspace or to do leisurely reading.

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