About Us


DefySupply, headquartered in Minneapolis, is a bridge allowing everyday consumers to buy directly from the world's top manufactures at a fraction of the cost. We launched in 2008 in response to the outrageous margins in the furniture industry.

Our mission is clear: Never overpay again for furniture.


Price: Since the world's top manufacturers are competing against each other, it is very difficult for any of our prices to be beaten.


Free Shipping: All of our prices include shipping to your door! We have unmatched shipping rates which only adds to your savings. By including the shipping, you can really appreciate your true savings.


Flexibility: We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy these savings, regardless of their order size. So, for example, we can sell to you if you're a family looking for 4 dining chairs, or a chair distributor looking for 4,000.

We also have independent inspectors who carefully examine all the goods before they are shipped.

What Makes DefySupply Different?

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