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Microfiber sectional F30A Microfiber sectional S236A Fabric sectional SK108
The Martino Sectional SK108
Our Price: $2,199.99
Sectional Sofa Set S318A Modern Sectional Sofa Set S610A Microfiber sectional F58
Martino Fabric Sectional Set S318A
Our Price: $2,309.99

Microfiber sectional YF7010B Microfiber Sectional Set YP613 Yuma Sectional Sofa - Red
Yuma Sectional Sofa YP606A
Our Price: $1,759.99
Arlo 2-Pieced Microfiber Sectional Sofa Microfiber sectional S105 Microfiber sectional S185A
Microfiber sectional S185A Microfiber sectional S180C Microfiber sectional S236B
Fabric sectional JB539 Microfiber sectional A107 Microfiber sectional F85A
Martino Sectional Sofa YF7001 Microfiber sectional YF7003 Microfiber sectional YF7006
Microfiber sectional YF7010 Microfiber sectional YF7011 Fabric sectional YF7017
Microfiber sectional L12 Microfiber sectional L17 Microfiber sectional L4
Microfiber sectional SF3893 Microfiber Sectional 8011 Microfiber Sectional 8022
Shop for a brand new classic living room microfiber sectional sofa from!

The best thing about microfiber sectional sofas are their versatility.  Microfiber sectional sofas often have at least three pieces and thus each individual piece can be re-arranged at your leisure to suit your home decor needs. The difference between a classic sectional sofa and a contemporary sectional often times can be seen in their legs and arms.  Classic microfiber sectionals usually have wooden legs whereas contemporary sectionals often have legs made of metal, steel or chrome.  Also, the arms of classic sofas sectionals are usually more round than their modern counterparts. At DefySupply, all our classic microfiber sectionals are sourced from the world's top living room furniture manufacturers thus we have an almost unlimited selection, all sofas are customizable, and it's nearly impossible to beat our prices.  Another important factor to consider when sofas sectional shopping is the frame.  All our inner-frames are made of the highest quality kiln-dried hardwood assuring your new contemporary sectional will be a fixture to your home furniture collection for years to come. 
Buying a classic living room microfiber sofa sectional can instantly bring a timeless and distinctive touch when you shop at