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Five Essential Furnishing and Decorating Tips for Holiday Entertaining

Tis the season for holiday parties and family gatherings! However, while the holidays are ideal months for entertaining, these festivities align with the blustery winter months. For most, winter weather confines parties to the indoors creating spatial challenges. So in addition to making sure there are enough appetizers and the punch bowl doesnít run dry, itís important that your home has the right dining and living room furniture to accommodate your entertaining needs. Here are five essential tips for making your pad the ideal party place:

Maximize seating options. When hosting a get-together, itís important to have adequate seating for your guests. Leather or fabric sectional sofas are a great option to fit large crowds comfortably. Add an accent chair or two to create multiple seating areas. Also, position a coffee table or end tables appropriately so guest can conveniently rest their drinks or munchies.

Get a headcount for dining guests. Itís not every day youíre entertaining large crowds, so plan ahead and make sure guests wonít be eating on top of each other. An expandable dining table allows you to instantly add extra seating without adding additional dining furniture. Complete the holiday theme with a festive centerpiece or decorative tablecloth.

Think formal or informal. The level of formality will influence where the party will be held in the house, as well as the food youíll serve and the furniture that will be used. Bar stools and bar tables are great for informal entertaining and socializing, whether placed in a kitchen, basement or game room. For formal dinner party, consider hosting appetizers and drinks in the living room and then migrating to the formal dining room for a meal around the table.

Make space. When entertaining for the holidays, ensure that guests have ample room to mix and mingle. Rearrange living room furniture or store unnecessary pieces to open up a space and allow for socializing around the house.

Set the mood. Lighting can enhance the desired mood or ambiance. Layered lighting allows for the level of light to be adjusted throughout the event. For winter parties, strategically placed candles or a fireplace serve dual purposes; these fixtures add lighting and enhance the ambiance.

When planning a holiday party or family get-together, the possibilities are endless, but donít underestimate the role dining and living room furniture plays in planning a successful party. The right furniture pieces, when arranged appropriately, can either make or break a party!