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Four Easy Ways to Preserve a Fabric Sofa

Pet hair, dust, sticky fingers, a dribble of red wine. Those are only a few potential hazards that can take your fabric sofa from stunning to stained. But with a few precautions and continuous care, your fabric sofa can look brand new for years to come. DefySupply pros have a few quick tips on how to care for a fabric sofa or sectional:

Different sofa fabrics require different care. Fabric sofas and sofa sets—including microfiber, cotton, nylon and silk—require different care based on the specific material. For example, microfiber sofas are stain-resistant, but still require care; use specially formatted cleaning solutions, let it dry completely and then use a furniture brush to fluff the microfiber after cleaning or if the sofa surface starts to feel rough. Regardless of material, always check the manufacturer’s tag for cleaning instructions, and test any products on a discrete area of the furniture.

Embrace the vacuum. Don’t wait for the sofa to become visibly dirty before cleaning it. Regular vacuuming is the easiest way to collect loose dirt, dust particles and crumbs before these nuisances set in the fabric. Vacuum your fabric sofa once a week when you do the rest of your cleaning. Be sure to vacuum under the cushions, and use the appropriate attachments to clean around cracks and crevices.

Consider environmental and behavioral factors. Direct sunlight can fade sofa fabric, so place the furniture out of direct light or close the curtains during the day to prevent damage. Similarly, position your sofa away from radiators and heat sources. Also, while it’s easier said than done, avoid eating and drinking on your sofa, as food and beverage stains are among the most common and damaging culprits.

Exercise cat-like reflexes. When stains do occur, it’s best to act quickly. Removing the stain while it’s fresh can prevent permanent damage. Always gently blot out the stain with a paper towel or rag that won’t bleed—never rub! A stain remover like Spot Shot can help remove serious stains, like red wine spills. Keep these cleaning supplies on hand so you aren’t frantically scrambling when a disaster strikes! For serious stains, consult a professional cleaning service for assistance.

Have questions about removing stains from fabric sectionals and sofas? Contact the DefySupply design pros on Twitter using hashtag #designonless!